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Taught by Law Enforcement Professionals



I began the concept for Concealed Carry Professionals because of a lack of knowledge shown by many of my competitors. Though the numbers of hours required to obtain a CCW license in Illinois are the highest in the nation; THE REQUIREMENTS TO TEACH THE CLASS ARE IN MY OPINION MINIMAL.

My instructors are LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS, NOT WELL MEANING AMATEURS. In other words, my instructors teach (or have taught) the police. All instructors are either active or retired police officers who have also served in the capacity as range officers and field training officers. These are the officers that teach police officers how to survive and win in deadly force situations. If you can find more qualified instructors, please use them.

My CCW classes are taught from a different perspective than what the “WELL MEANING AMATEUR” teaches. I teach from the perspective of avoidance and de-escalation of a deadly force situation. However, when deadly force is required, my students are taught how to effectively and efficiently deal with the situation and how to deal with the police in the aftermath of the situation. Walking away from a deadly force situation is only the beginning. You and your family’s future may depend on how you respond in the aftermath of the incident.

Please remember that this class is only the beginning of your training. That is why Concealed Carry Professionals also offers classes in situational awareness, tactical shooting, close quarters shooting, defensive tactics and Use of Pepper Spray. We can also customize classes to your individual needs.

In addition to Illinois Concealed Carry, I am also an instructor for Concealed Carry in Wisconsin and I have access to Instructors for Utah and Florida.

I’m also licensed in both Illinois by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation as a Firearms Instructor and in Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services as a Firearms Proficiency Certifier. This allows me to teach and certify Private Security Officers in both states.

Concealed Carry Professionals is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your firearms and personal security training needs. CONCEALED CARRY PROFESSONALS- TAUGHT BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSONAL, not a well meaning amateur.




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